Saturday, January 14, 2006

Highgear University-Intro to Triathlon

We had a great turnout at the store this morning for our Highgear U, about 20 people strong! We want to send out a special thanks to our teachers Fred Massumi and marina Phipps for enlightening us with their personal expertise. If you missed out we still have some information ranging from beginning triathalons to finishing ironmans. As well as some Runners, Triathalon, Triathlete, and Triguide magazines that you are welcome to check out. It looks like our next class is going to be on Periodization for your training season- How to set up your training plan on Thurs night Jan. 19th at Highgear -8610 Brentwood Dr. La Vista, NE. We will start at 7pm. You can sign up online, come in the shop, or just call.

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