Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gravel Ride

Attention gravel road riders. We will be riding this Saturday Sept. 24th 7:30 am. We will meet in the Aspen Fitness parking lot on 72nd and 370. We will go about 25 miles and it will be a no drop. Cross bikes work the best for this type of riding but MTBs work great as well.

If you have not ridden gravel before be sure to join us to see what you have been missing. it might not seem like this would be a good time, but it is, trust us.

See you there.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday Ride

Riding your bike + eating chili + watching football= happiness.

You can verify for yourself if this equation is true this Saturday at 11am. We will be leaving from the shop at 11am to get a good 40+ mile ride in. when we return the shop we will have chili and a Nebraska football game waiting for us. Please join us as it looks to be a beautiful September day.

this will be a no drop ride with a faster and a not as fast group. if you have any questions contact miah@trekomaha.com.