Thursday, September 21, 2006

How fast is Cervelo?

Silver medalist David Zabriskie (United States)

World Champion Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland)

The Fastest in the world!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ducati MotorCycles

Bianchi has partnered with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, to build their own brand of man-powered bikes. The two companies believe the partnership is obvious.
Motor-bikes and bikes allow you to move easily in town. Traffic challengers will love the Ducati bicycle with a “street fighter” soul. It is equipped with all indispensable qualities of city motor-bikes: extreme lightness, naked technical features, high level components.

The line-up will include two all-carbon road bikes, an alu-carbon one, a hardtailed MTB, and a fully suspended one. Ducati cycling clothing and accessories are sure to follow.

It turns out that Ducati Superbike team rider, Troy Bayliss is quite a cyclist, too. "If I hadn’t become a pilot of motorcycles," he states, "I’d ride a bike as a pro rider. I can’t stand without my bike: I cover about 400 km per week in the saddle of my Bianchi."

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mountain Bike State Championships

The competition for this weekend's Nebraska State Mountain Bike championship is looking tougher than ever. These guys are rumored to be returning from the last race, peaked, trained and ready to burn off that back to school stress. Come join us at Swanson Park in Bellevue for the fun. Hope to see you there riding, racing or just cheering on the riders.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ironman Wisconsin

Wet, Cold and Windy! That was Ironman Wisconsin today. Yet in true iron man fashion they pushed on.
Dana finished 11:25:59
Christina finished 12:08:55
Lindsey finished 13:50:25
On a day when most people wanted to stay close to a fire, these guys swam 2.4 miles , rode 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles.
All I can say is WAY TO GO!!