Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ironman Wisconsin

Wet, Cold and Windy! That was Ironman Wisconsin today. Yet in true iron man fashion they pushed on.
Dana finished 11:25:59
Christina finished 12:08:55
Lindsey finished 13:50:25
On a day when most people wanted to stay close to a fire, these guys swam 2.4 miles , rode 112 miles and ran 26.2 miles.
All I can say is WAY TO GO!!


MIB said...

True Iron men and women. Way to go!! What grueling conditions to race in!

I am sure scott was drinking beer by a fire and cheering you all on. (-: Thanks for the pic/post Old Man Wente.

DanaM said...

James (Todd)Lundberg 10:50 swam 53 minutes!! 8th overall category.
Jennifer Lundberg 12:27 swam 1:06.
Jodi Fougeron 11:34, 6th on age group 30-34.

MIB said...

Thanks for the additonal results Dana. Great to see the success of everyone!