Monday, September 18, 2006

Ducati MotorCycles

Bianchi has partnered with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, to build their own brand of man-powered bikes. The two companies believe the partnership is obvious.
Motor-bikes and bikes allow you to move easily in town. Traffic challengers will love the Ducati bicycle with a “street fighter” soul. It is equipped with all indispensable qualities of city motor-bikes: extreme lightness, naked technical features, high level components.

The line-up will include two all-carbon road bikes, an alu-carbon one, a hardtailed MTB, and a fully suspended one. Ducati cycling clothing and accessories are sure to follow.

It turns out that Ducati Superbike team rider, Troy Bayliss is quite a cyclist, too. "If I hadn’t become a pilot of motorcycles," he states, "I’d ride a bike as a pro rider. I can’t stand without my bike: I cover about 400 km per week in the saddle of my Bianchi."

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