Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Team Dual Threat Jerseys

If you want to order a jersey please let me know A.S.A.P. so we can get them ordered. I'll have the price soon. The finished jersey will look a lot cooler then this one I was board and needed something to do this weekend.
I cant get the image to load to the message so check out the Dual Threat blog for a picture.


fredcube said...

Hey Scott.

Ok here’s my question …
I like the way Team Dual Threat thinks. I have been intensely training, or intensely thinking I should be training for the last several days. I’m probably poised to be a middle of the pack Cat 4 rider this year. Maybe even upper-middle. Or at least mid-upper-middle (Steve Martin inspired).

Will there be a Cat 4 division of Team Dual Threat?

Also -
I have already paid for the High Gear Jersey and shorts. Suppose I could switch over to TDT. Would there be any way to do like a switcharoo on the clothes? If not, I still want a TDT Jersey (provided there will be a cat 4 contingent). I guess I could race as The Lone Dual Threat in Cat 4. That would be cool.

Scott said...

The team is cat 4's and 5's that take the whole racing thing in a different look. As of today we have 12 people who have orderd jerseys. Most will be racing cat 5, A few might race 4's I havent talk with them but the thinking is cat 5 for the most part.
For the jersey's I'm sure we can work something out.
Lets roll