Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Burley is Here.

This narrower, lighter trailer is perfect for single-child families with an active lifestyle. With optional accessories, you can walk it, jog it, or tow it behind your bike. Comfortably seats 1 child, capacity is 90 lbs. Interior storage pockets for toys, blankets, snacks and so much more. Adjustable sunscreen protects sensitive eyes and young skin from the sun. Recessed helmet pocket adds more headroom. Ultra padded seat with shoulder harness. Tinted side windows. Flow-thru mesh seat keeps air flowing through the trailer and cools off the ride. Use the Burley Stroller Kit to make your trailer ready for walks through parks, fairs, markets, and city streets. Use the Jogger Kit to convert trailer to a running stroller. Brake, handlebar, and safety strap all included with the trailer to easily convert to stroller or jogger.

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