Thursday, May 03, 2007

Custom Road and Mountain Shoes Available Now.

Introducing the new Shimano R-300 road shoes, as well as the M-300 mountain bike shoe. They feature moldable uppers that form to your foot for a custom fit. Ultra rigid, lightweight soles transfer your energy straight to the pedals, and allow for compliance and grip for hiking sections. Moldable insole forms to foot for a precise fit, but custom orthotics can be used during the fit process. The insoles improve fit and increase shoe to pedal stability . Micro-adjust buckle and dual offset straps, securely stabilize foot and allows for subtle adjustments. Offset straps prevent pressure points to the foot. Anti-slip heel lining, prevents heel lift. Wide type is available with roomier toe box. These shoes are flying off the shelves.

The custom fit process takes about an hour, and appointments are recommended. These will be the best shoes that you have ever worn, or will ever wear. So come in look at the shoes, try them on, and see for yourself that these are truly the best shoes in the world.

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