Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yoga For Cyclists

  1. If your New Year's resolution was to hang out the bike shop more we have you covered. Starting Wednesday January 12th, from 7-8pm. . We are offering a FREE 5 week Yoga course aimed specifically at cyclists and the flexibility issues that we may encounter or wish to avoid. This class will run the same time on the following 4 Wednesdays.

All that you need to bring is your own yoga mat and an open mind. This will be great for anyone that is a cyclists that has wanted to try Yoga, come try with other beginners. Even if you are experienced this is a great chance to take a class that focuses on the sport that you love.

We also want to remind you that we are offering trainer classes 2 times a week. Tuesday-6-8pm and Saturday 8-10am. We are going to do our part to keep you in shape this Winter.

E-mail me with questions: miah@trekomaha.com

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