Saturday, April 16, 2011

So You Want To Be a Leader

Riding season is here and the Trek Bicycle Store of Omaha (Papillion) is looking for able people to help us out with our group rides.

This Summer, every Tuesday night, we will have THREE rides leaving the shop. There will be an A group which will cover a distance of 50 miles 20-22 avg mph. a B group that will ride 35-40 miles at 16-18 avg mph, and new this year, a C group which will ride from the shop through safe streets to the Keystone trail.

What we ask of our leaders is to make sure the group is enjoying the ride and making sure that nobody gets dropped from the group on our B and C rides. We need someone who can show leadership in emergency situations and someone who can represent our shop. In return we would throw you a great discount at the shop for your help.

If you are interested in leading the B or C groups contact me,, call the shop 402-935-1988, or stop in.

The B group will start this coming Tuesday, and the C group will start once we find the right person to lead it.


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