Friday, December 09, 2005

The start of it all

A few month ago a bike came into the store that looked familiar. A 1991 Giant Iguana Rootbeer and gold. My comment to Paul was "that looks like Kent's first bike" and after a closer look it was.
My old shop sticker was still on it. I dont know how long Kent rode this bike I think it was a year or two. Anyway here are a few Picture's

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MIB said...

Yep, that is the bike Sunny Old Man sold me. My first mountain bike. I must claim, however, it was much cooler when I had it. It had a Mag 21 front shock (still in my garage), Shimano 525 pedals,Ringle anodized cages and a leopard skin saddle cover to match the frame. It was cool! I am very confident it was cool, and nobody can change my mind! (-:

Most of the upgrade parts were from a friend of mine that was upgrading his race bike and sold me the used shock and pedals.

Ah, yes! I was the sucker buying used MTB parts off a racer's bike.

Well, the bike held up well and I raced that bike for two years. Had to upgrade when I got my sport license though and sold to a college friend of mine. It's still alive.....