Thursday, January 05, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.

The New Year brings new projects. What a week, Monday Busy. Tuesday, Miah, Greg and Paul all went to Lincoln for Trek University. And Wednesday was my turn. We all got learned up on Trek!
9 hours of information sweet!
So need less to say the blog is missing a day or two. Plans for the Custom bike night are coming together I'll be getting all that information out to you all soon. Today if all goes well. So far everything is working out better then expected. We are all excited.
We are doing trainer rides Monday through Thursday 7:15. Time to get back on the bike and have some fun. I know the weather been to nice to ride a trainer, that's cool.
The service contract is done and posted. As always if you have any questions call me.
We had a grate turn out for Polo last Sunday a lot of players and spectators as well.
This Sunday sounds like some people from Lincoln will be up to experience the game for the first time. So lets go out and have some fun!
That's all for now need to get back to work.

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T-bone said...

Polo players, please remember to bring a white and a black t-shirt to wear over your clothes.