Thursday, January 05, 2006

Service Contract


This is for the cyclist who is interested in year long maintenance package. Included in price is labor cost for the year. You will need to purchase a service contract for each bike.

What you get:

- One complete Bicycle Over-haul Over $220.00 Value. Your bike will be stripped down, all parts removed, frame cleaned and inspected. Hubs, bottom bracket, head-set and derailleur disassembled, cleaned in solvent tank, parts inspected for wear and damage. Warn parts will be replaced, bearings repacked installed and adjusted. New cables and housing will be installed and adjusted. Road bikes will have bars wrapped and Mountain bikes will have grips installed.

- Free adjustments as needed. Includes front and rear derailleur adjustments. Front and rear brake adjustments, front and rear hubs adjusted, headset adjusted, crank removed and bottom bracket torque checked. Wheels trued, Chain and cassette checked for wear and replaced if needed. Chain lubed. Tires checked for wear and replaced if needed.

- Two Total Performance Tune-ups $180.00 value. Crank, chain, front derailleur, rear derailleur and cassette removed and cleaned in solvent tank, inspected for wear and replaced if needed, and installed adjusted and lubed. Tires checked for wear replaced, if needed.

- Expedited service, 24 hour turnaround on repairs, excluding special order parts.

- Due to the different levels of components we can not offer bearings, chains, cassettes or freewheel, spokes, rims, tires and tubes in the price of the package.

- The contract must be purchased and initial overhaul completed by February 28th, 2006.

- A $500.00 value yours for $350.00

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