Friday, July 27, 2007

Mavic Crossmax 29'er Wheels have ARRIVED!!!

The NEW Mavic Crossmax 29'er wheels have ARRIVED!!!
These wheels are HOT!!!!!
Frog Legs anyone?
The Mavic C29SSMAX is, yes, a CrossMax built specifically as a 29er. Rejoice. It is not just a 26" wheel extended, but a wheel designed as a 29er to have the Mavic performance you expect in a package that amplifies the CrossMax tradition. The result is the lowest inertia of any 29" wheel, a wheel that has the right balance of strength, stiffness and lightweight -- light enough for cross country, but strong enough for AM, and the demands of the larger diameter. Mavic investigated the idea of having a front hub that could work both as a quick release hub and also as a through-axle, much like their beloved CrossMax XL. They decided that the idea of making removable endcaps or some other sort of transformer widget was not a wise design choice given the stresses of the 29er platform. The result is a wheelset available as either a 20mm thru axle or 9mm quick release front hub, the former of which is 7% laterally stiffer.

The Mavic C29SSMAX starts with oversize aluminum straight-pull hubs. The hubs are anodized black. Both front and rear wheels have 24 spokes. The front and non-drive rear are cross two, the drive side is radial. The spokes are round. The nipples are round and do pierce the interior surface, which makes this wheel tubeless compatible without the use of any rim strips. The rims are crafted from Maxtal, an aluminum alloy, and are shot-peened and black anodized. The rim is joined by the popular SUP joinery process, where the joint is welded and milled for a clean appearance, light weight and great strength.

The wheelset is both UST tubeless and tube compatible and accepts only 6 Bolt ISO standard disc rotors. The Shimano/SRAM compatible cassette body works with eight or nine speed cogs. The ETRTO size is 559x19. Mavic recommends tire sizes range from 1.5" to 2.3". The wheel comes with UST valves and accessories, a wheel magnet for the front wheel, a bearing adjustment tool and spoke wrench with the rear wheel. The Mavic C29SSMAX wheelset is part of the Mavic MP3 program. 1745g.

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